Cisco volunteer team develops custom software platform to support Made in Durham’s work

November 15, 2016
The Cisco technology team briefs Made in Durham staff on their new custom Salesforce software.

Management of Made in Durham’s partner engagement and strategic interventions received a major technology boost in October with the launch of a customized solution developed by a volunteer team from Cisco.

Ed Paradise, Cisco Research Triangle Park site executive and vice president of engineering, security trust organization, who serves on Made in Durham’s board, alerted the Cisco RTP IT community of Made in Durham’s technology need last spring. A team of Cisco analysts and developers from the customer and sales experience IT organization stepped forward to develop it.

“We welcomed the opportunity to help out,” said team manager Chris Miura. “Cisco places a high priority on giving back to the community, and we were glad we could provide a solution and technical support that will help advance Made in Durham’s work.”

Miura’s team trained Made in Durham staff on the customized Customer Relationship Management platform in mid-October and implementation has begun. Staff is using to manage partner and stakeholder engagement, education-to-career system interventions and projects, fundraising, and case management for the one-on-one college and career counseling services offered by dropout recovery partners.

“We’re a startup nonprofit that strives to coordinate collaborative efforts of hundreds of partners,” said Ben Anderson, Made in Durham’s data strategist, who conceived and coordinated the project. “We’re already finding great benefit from being able to capture and integrate all of our many interactions with partners and track results against targets and milestones through this system. We’re extremely grateful for Cisco’s assistance.”


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