Made in Durham board approves FY 2018 work plan

June 19, 2017
Made in Durham Chairman Victor Dzau addresses the board.

Racial equity and student advising emerge as priorities for Made in Durham during the 2018 fiscal year with the Board of Directors’ approval June 19 of a new Plan of Work to advance the partnership’s education-to-career system-building efforts.

The work plan calls for 13 strategies designed to help more of Durham’s young people ages 14-24 complete high school, earn a post-secondary credential and find life-sustaining work by age 25.

“The partnership’s primary, overarching goal for fiscal year 2018 is to identify, articulate for community understanding and progressively address gaps in the current education‐to‐career system to help assure measurable improvements in system performance for our youth and young adults,” the partnership said in its FY 2018 Work Plan. (Download the Work Plan)

The work plan reflects the following recommendations made by a task force of Board and Advisory Team members earlier this year that examined the partnership’s work and results:

  • Continuously evaluate progress, identify and address tough issues in the education‐to-career system, and pilot and demonstrate solutions for scaling.
  • Use data to measure system performance and drive best practices, and to assure that the system responds to data‐driven demands for career opportunities of today and tomorrow.
  • Ensure active, continuous collaboration among the Board, Advisory Team and all key partners to elevate and incorporate lessons learned into continuous improvement strategies for systems change.
  • Build on the success of Durham Futures to reach more students with enhanced interventions to support their educational and career attainment.
  • Ensure employer and youth engagement to build a highly functional education-to-career system.

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Made in Durham is a community partnership of educators, business, government, youth-serving nonprofits and young people mobilized around a shared vision that all of Durham’s youth will complete high school and a post-secondary credential and begin a rewarding career by the age of 25.
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